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Design Scope

The interactive Endosuite Operating Theatre Suite

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This project involved the redevelopment of an existing private hospital in the Brisbane suburn of Greenslopes, to provide a new 90 bed ward block, four new Robotic operating theatre suites, the refurbishment of the existing operating theatre suites, a new 30 specialist medical suite centre, the development of new car park fcailities and the decanting of many existing personal and services to enable the existing hospital to function as normal. The project was undertaken on a design and construct brief from architectural concept drawings.

Project delivery

A managed delivery methods was adopted, with John Hollands Pty Ltd as the Builder and team leader, and the Eaton Group engaged for the complete Electrical package design and installation.

Folloing the initial briefing Eaton’d prepared a reverse brief the John Hollands and called for conceptual documentation to be completed. Our reverse brief outlined the management structure and key personnel that were to but installed on site to manage this enormous task.

A full infrastructure service review was then undertaken to full establish the type, capacity and the location of the existing service. This initial stage was the basis of the staging for the whole project.

As there were a total lack of existing documentation a “quality plan for the design documentation of all electrical services” was drawn up all existing services were physically checked and tested.

This checking entailed the grid mapping and location of the High Voltage cables and mains cables along with the existing landscape services.  A system of pot holing was carried out on the grid map for the entire landscaped and car park areas.

A large site office/head office was established with Internet broad band internet facilities and VPN (virtual private networks) established to our Main office.  CAD programs were installed on all computers and all our findings were documented and instantly transmitted live to our CAD draftsmen and consultants.

This system enables up to date information to be on hand and updated daily. With this complied information we were able to set the design and construction budgets for the project and forward al information onto the team leader in a timely manner. This allowed the team leader to liaise with the hospital user groups and the owners to finalise the design requirements for the project in a timely manner.

In order to save cost we established a relationship with a local printing firm and once we installed the compatible software we were able to produce full sized design and construction drawing and have them delivered to site without the capital cost of the large printing equipment.

Once to majority of the design was finalised and with the construction preliminaries in full swing, we were able to establish the basis at our site team and program the construction stages and installation to maximise our labour utilisation on site and therefore our efficiency and profit.  This system worked very well for us and we were able to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

Design Scope

The design brief was to build a 90 bed ward block with 4 theatres, a radiology department and 30 suite medical centre and upgrade and relocate services to allow for future expansion of another 90 bed ward block. The finished product had to be functional and have the appeal of a 5 star hotel. The starting point was to establishment of the hospital user groups requirements and then tailor making the product to suit there needs coupled with Eaton group’s experience and knowledge. This method was adopted for the general light and power installation, the Nurse call system, the data copper and optical fibre backbone cabling, main switchboard and distribution boards and the emergency backup power generation.

At all time the design was constantly checked with the governing Australian standards and the Health department’s requirements.

Key personnel were Mr Peter Bowen, Mr peter Gower, Mr Bob (Snapper) Richmond, Mr John Wagland, Mr Stuart Eaton

 Main Entrance Lobby  Main Lobby & Retail Area  Main Lobby and Reception  

The interactive Endosuite Operating Theatre Suite With Robotics Technology

Greenslopes  see the launch of the latest robotics technology and now boasts the state’s most technologically advanced operating theatres, which use robotics technology and voice activated commands to connect all equipment within the operating theatre and other departments in the hospital.

Through the voice activation  system surgeons can contact the other hospital departments and can obtain immediate online access to vital patient records such as critical diagnostic and pathology results and view them on screen during surgery.  This new technology also allows the surgeon to dictate important patient note during surgery. Surgeons can then provide very detailed reports to the GP’s which can be discussed with the patient at their follow up consultations.

The beauty of the voice-activated system mean it free up the surgeons to concentrate on the patient care and with the video link up technology the surgeons can access colleagues to visualise different organs of their particular specialty as they can view the operation from where ever they are.

The installation of these four “smart Robotic” operating Theatres at Greenslopes Private Hospital has allow Eaton’s to be one of the only companies in the Australia to install and integrate the “Stryker” equipment as a complete system coupled with our own design and connectivity to the Optical Fibre and data backbone network throughout the hospital and the internet.

This installation is not only designed to allows the opportunity for significantly improving  both procedures and turnover time across virtually all specialities by enhancing efficiency and ergonomics through integrated technology. In addition this system allow for teaching, viewing and tele-conferencing of procedures.

 Smart Theatre  Integrated Robotic Theatre

 -description below  1-equipment cupboard;

 2-computer screen

Description of items in the integrated Robotic Theatre on the above.


Ergonomically design to be easily positioned for viewing according to the  surgeons requirements, Multiplatform technology incorporating both video images and digital inputs in the operating room for viewing endoscopic teleconferenced and radiological images

2. 3-CHIP 988 CEMERA

The only endoscope camera to offer the precision and control of digital tuning for each surgical speciality. The 988 camera also offers digital light level and zoom control from the camera head


Unique technology integrates the video and audio equipment in the operating room without the need of a Audio Technician. This technology enables communication of the operation both inside the operating room and outside for diagnostics, teaching, patient records and conferencing via connection the optical fibre backbone of the hospital.


This employs infrared technology to increase safety and control in laparoscopic procedur3es by assisting in anatomical identification and management.  This works in conjunction with the Stryker 3-Chip camera


An advanced digital capture device that revolutionises surgical documentation by digitally converting still images, motion videos, and dictation directly to a CD or onto the hospital’s network instantly.


A voice activated control centre designed to integrate and operate minimally invasive surgical devices. HERMES is a open architecture system, providing surgeons with direct voice control of the Stryker MIS devices, as well as  the other theatre equipment such as Air-conditioning, climate and temperature control  HERMES is a fundamental component in the telesurgery providing an easy, reliable solution to interactive audio transmission.

Training and Development

The use of the Internet and CAD coupled with the budget expense tracking for the project meant that the need for good computer skills.  Additional training for the key staff personnel was undertaken to increase their competency and understanding of the reports.

Safety was big issue on the project as we were in charge of the High Voltage and in ground works and mobile scaffold work, therefore a lot of time and effort was but into the safety procedures and protocols that need to be adhered to. I am happy the say that we had NO major incidents and only a few cuts over the duration of the project.

The team approach to this project was any essential aspect of the success for both the finished product and the safety record. This team approach was very strong within out own small company and coupled with the whole project team working together as “one” for the sole peropus of delivering the client with a workable innovative and professional upmarket product.

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