The Eaton Electrical Group has created a name that is synonymous with excellence by the use of convergence of design and the integration of various automation systems. Our in-house electronic and electrical engineers are the strength of our team, that enables Eaton’s to stand apart from the field, as leaders in this specialised field.

The results of home automation can be:

Your pre-set lighting scenes can activated automatically as you enter you home.

Our security system is turned on and your home turns off all the heating, lighting your blind close and then your selected light and blind all operate to make the appearance that you are at home . Your home is looking after it’s self and you can relax.

 Your home knows when you are “at home” and it managers your electronic environment and turn off unused light and saves you money, ALL the time .

You can control your audio system, lights, curtains, air conditioning and under floor heating from the touch of a button. Or the touch screen.

Our security system records the security camera images and these can be monitored by our control room in real time.

Our control room can see and speak to any unauthorised people instantaneously.

Smartwired is one of the solutions, call us for more information and pricing.

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